We have developed a sequence of programs designed to help astronomers do time-series photometry. The sequence reflects the way this is done: one must first acquire the data at the telescope, using a suitable photometer (program: Q9), reduce the data (Qed), analyze the data (Qmrg, Qsft), then interpret the data by fitting it with models of the astrophysical processes believed to be operating in the star (WDEC, WD-40).

  • Q9 data acquisition software and tutorial
  • Qed data reduction software and tutorial
  • Q* data analysis utilities
  • WD-40 models for data interpretation
  • Parallel version of the PIKAIA genetic algorithm
  • OpenWD an open-source white dwarf evolution code (in development)


We have recently started an archive for electronic copies of dissertations relevant to white dwarf stars. If you know of a dissertation that should be included here and is available electronically, please contact us and we will gladly post it here.


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