Donate Equipment

We encourage individuals and businesses who want to see their new or surplus equipment put to good use for scientific research or public education to contact us with information about potentially available items.

  • Scientific equipment - optical telescopes, CCD cameras, photo-multiplier tubes, electronic components, ...
  • Computer equipment - web servers, workstations, laptops, laser printers, scanners, CPUs, motherboards, memory, networking, chasis, hard disks, ...
  • Office equipment/supplies - computer desks, chairs, file cabinets, shelves, telephone, fax, photocopier, 100% PCW paper, transparencies, ...
Donate Equipment

We will provide a receipt for all donated equipment that supports our tax-exempt purposes.

Donate Time

We are always open to volunteers who can assist us with our goals by offering their expertise or services. There are many ways you can help us by donating your time. Let us know what you can offer.

  • Expertise - technology consulting, grant writing, accounting, legal, public relations, ...
  • Services - Internet service, web hosting, web design, travel services, ...
Although we cannot provide tax receipts for donated services, we will acknowledge all volunteers on our web-site, including a link exchange whenever possible.
Donate your Time

Donate Funding

We have a partnership with the, an organization that provides services to non-profit organizations. They accept online donations for us, and deduct only the transaction fees so that more than 95% of your donation comes straight to us.

Donate Now
There are many people just like you who would like to support our scientific research and public education missions. If you can contribute even $10 to one of our projects the collective impact will be significant. White Dwarf Research Corporation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so all contributions are fully tax deductible. If you have questions or want to discuss our current projects, please do not hesitate to send us e-mail.
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